Network Master for Healthcare

Do you have such experience

  • I do not know the national influence of the doctor in charge

  • I don't know the physician's local influence

  • Sales have been relocated / retired and I do not understand the relationship with my doctor

  • Which doctor should I speak to in a small group study session?

  • Who should I choose as a lecturer?

  • What is the relationship between your competitor and your doctor?

  • I think some people in the company know this doctor well?

Network Master for Healthcare

  • Visualize important networks and manage them as company assets

  • Marketing plans that leverage the influence between customers, leveraging the relevance between customers required for area marketing at the sales floor

  • Possible to link with other systems including SFA

  • CustomBy integrating and visualizing Customer Engagement information for the entire company, it can be used as a contact information management rule


Examples of utilizing customer relationships

Key Opinion Leader Relationships (Influence)

  • Web lecture inviting doctors under the influence of KOL

Construction of AOL network centered on KOL

  • Area Opinion Leader's relationship (influence)

  • Selecting appropriate speakers, chairs, invitations, and physicians for district lectures

  • Nurturing the next generation of AOL using its relationship with AOL

Doctor's relationship (influence) in his area

Building a physician network under AOL influence

Small group study session using human relationships between doctors

Building relationships with physicians using the in-house network

Relationship with employees in other departments of the company

Plan countermeasures by mapping between competitors and doctors in charge

Offices version (corporate use) can be used in a cloud environment


Also provide on-premise environment and customize according to your request


¥ 500 / person / month



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