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Dec 24 2019
Selected for the 10 Grand Prize Candidates on TVTOKYO 'TREND-TAMAGO' 

​The score of anchor Oe gave us 24 points (out of 25 points) and highly evaluated.                

                             Dr. Masaki was interviewed.

Dec 4 2019
Masaki-cuff was introduced on Sun television 'Syukan-PV'

  〜Japan's first innovative medical device for the world〜

April 12 2019 

Masaki-cuff was introduced on TVTOKYO 'World Business SATELLITE 'TREND-TAMAGO' 
スクリーンショット 2019-11-05 12.04_edited.jpg

Feb 9 2019

Masaki-cuff was introduce on 'The Nikkei' (newspaper)

スクリーンショット 2019-11-05 14.05.48.png
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