Sterilization and deodorization system, Jia Green        available at Amazon

Features of Jia Green disinfection and deodorization system


Hypochlorous acid effect

①Eradication effect of bacteria

②Effective against virus protection

③ Inactivation of mites, PM2.5, pollen, etc.

④ Suppression of life odors such as pet and tobacco odors and aging


Industry-leading ultrafine particles

Mist generated by a special vibrator, small and light spray particles 1/10 of the general atomizer (about 0.5 micron) spread to every corner of the room, exerting the maximum effect on sterilization and deodorization


Humidity is difficult to rise (realizing a sanitizing and deodorizing space throughout the year)

Due to ultra-fine particles, humidity is hard to rise and can be used all year round


Easy handling

Just put the tap water and tablet in the tank

One tablet can produce 4.5L of hypochlorous acid water

8 hours a day, 1 week operation


Safety (take a test with Jia Green sprayer and tablet)

Kitasato Environmental Science Center February 25, 2016, "Evaluation test for removal of adhering virus" has demonstrated its disinfection ability

Japan Food Research Laboratories April 8, 2016 Confirmed the eradication effect of "Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Aspergillus oryzae" Safety confirmed by "Microbial bactericidal effect test" and "Acute oral toxicity test" Analysis: lead, cadmium, arsenic, total mercury


Low cost (Gia green sprayer and tablet)

General sprayers have large spray particles and large amounts of hypochlorous acid water spray, which leads to cost increase

Jia Green atomizer sprays with fine particles, so it costs less.

Electricity bill is about 230 yen per month (TEPCO)






深紫外線UV殺菌消臭【LEDピュア AM1】ナイトライド

深紫外線UV殺菌消臭【LEDピュア AH2】ナイトライド




















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