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Haemorrhage has been performed on rubber and belts for centuries

Improper immobilization may cause unnecessary burdens on patients, including pain and internal bleeding due to improper avascularization

In addition, if the puncture is performed with insufficient blood vessel distension, the vein may escape or the tip of the needle may deviate outside the blood vessel. Important in


"Masaki Cuff" is an electronically-controlled tourniquet that automatically supports pressurization and holding up to optimal cardiovascular pressure, which is a general index based on evidence.

An easy but gentle new era tourniquet that can standardize blood collection work without having to rely on experience.

Masaaki cuff and its remote switch

Masaki Cuff, an electronic tourniquet, is a product that was adopted in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government New Product and New Technology Development Grant Program in FY2018.


Patent No. 5869327 (Japan)

Patent No. 9,662,121 (U.S.A.)

Patent No. 279355 (EU)

Patent pending (China)

Design registration 1628146/7 (Japan)

Design registration No. 5105452 (China)

Design registration No. 5277554 (China)

Standard version Model 168A-S

"Masaki Cuff Kumamon Version ((C) 2010 Kumamoto Kumamon # K31504)" with UV printed characters of "Kumamon" on Masaki Cuff has been added to the product lineup. Perfect for hospitals with many pediatric patients. Price and performance are the same as standard version

Kumamon version model 168A-K

Introductory of the electronic tourniquet Masaki Cuff

How to use the electronic tourniquet


"Disposable cover for exclusive use of Masaki cuff" for infection prevention measures

This product is a 15μ thick polyester cylindrical cover that allows this cover to pass through the arm before wearing the Masaki Cuff, avoiding direct contact between the arm and the Masaki Cuff, and further covering the body after wearing the cuff. By turning over, the body is protected from blood splash etc.

The cover is perforated, so you can remove the cover even if you have an indwelling needle

The cover is housed in a cosmetic box with 300 sheets, and it is designed to be used one by one like a tissue paper.

Masaki Cuff exclusive infection prevention cover 300 sheets

JAN code: 4582562440037 Regular price 3,980 yen (tax excluded and shipping included )

How to use the cover

Electric tourniquet Masaki cuff specification

Sales name: Masaki Cuff 168A-S (Standard), and Masaki Cuff 168A-K (Kumamon version)

General name: Electronic tourniquet

JMDN code: 71630001

JAN code: 4580047120092 (Standard), 4580047120108 (Kumamon version)

Medical device notification number: 11B1X10022000004

Intended use or effect: General medical equipment (Class I), Mechanical equipment (56) Blood collection or transfusion equipment

Structure and principle: used to pressurize the upper arm or lower leg for puncture and inflate the vein

Body weight: about 150g (tolerance: ± 15%)

Dimensions (Body): 79.5 (W) x 41 (H) x 60 (D) mm * Excluding cuff

External dimensions (remote switch): 56 (D) x 22 (H) mm Cable length: 800 mm (tolerance: ± 15%)

Rated voltage: 3V AAA alkaline batteries x 2

Type of protection against lightning: internal power supply

Degree of protection against electric shock: B type mounting part

Current consumption: 0.355A

Measurement method: Oscillometric method

Pressure: Maximum 200mmHg ± 10% * Measured by pressure gauge

Target arm circumference: 17-38cm

Accessories: 2 trial batteries, storage case, instruction manual (with quality assurance), medical device package insert


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