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Eternity dreams from your pocket

【メディア掲載】The Roland Showにマサキカフが登場しました!


How to use Masaki cuff / Electronic tourniquet

                   J a p a n e s​ 
       E n g l i s h 
        C h i n e s e   
       Blood collection version
       IV drip version

dreaminpocket is a trusted provider of medical devices, providing reliable medical device-related products in Japan and overseas.

Please contact below for representative of our products overseas.

Phone: + 81-3-5579-6175


アンカー 1

Company Profile

  • company name
    dreaminpocket K.K.

  • President
    Nobuya KAWASAKI

  • location
    1340 Reimei Sky Regitel Building        2-18-1, Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, 104-0032 Tokyo


  • phone


  • fax



Business summary

  • Development, manufacture and sales of electronic tourniquets

  • Development, manufacturing and global development of innovative medical devices from Japan


  • Managed medical equipment sales and rental business


  • Consulting on opening and supporting medical institutions


  • IT solutions and services specialized in the healthcare industry


  • Talent management


Product Summary

  • Electronic tourniquet masaki cuff

  • Portable storage batteries for medical facilities

  • Sterilization and deodorization system Gia Green


  • Network Master for Healthcare


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